Die Nacht, die Wissen schafft 2023

πŸ“… 4th of November 2023

Once again this year, Leibniz University Hannover opened its doors to interested and curious members of the public during the “Nacht, die Wissen schafft” (=”Night that creates knowledge”). We even had the opportunity to exhibit at two locations that evening: In the Roboterfabrik and on the mechanical engineering campus.

Experience interactive robotics

πŸ“ Roboterfabrik (luhbots Lab)

In this rather familiar location, we had a lot of younger guests in particular, who were able to prove themselves once again on our small playing field with the controller against our autonomous robots. But there was also plenty to see and learn for the older visitors. With the help of a live stream of our playing field, we were also able to present robots in action in Garbsen!

Nacht des Maschinenbaus (= Mechanical engineering night)

πŸ“ Campus Maschinenbau (Garbsen)

We weren’t able to set up a pitch in Garbsen, but we still had lots of interesting conversations. The livestream and impressions from our last competition in Bordeaux brought the necessary soccer feeling to our stand and were a great opportunity for questions and answers.

Nele Meinke

Nele Meinke

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