Here's something to do!

Here is a list of projects you can work on with us. Interested? Then come along to our team meeting or a department meeting!

The aim is to develop a software that assigns roles such as “attacker” or “defender” to identical robots depending on the game situation. The aim is to ensure the associated distribution of tasks in real time so that an optimal strategic distribution can be achieved according to the game situation and the chances of winning can be maximized.

The aim is to successfully convert our strategy from a polling-based system to an event-based system. In addition to revising the existing code, we are also looking for new ideas to help improve behavior of the robots. In addition, independent analysis tools could also be developed to better assess behavior.

The aim is to further develop a strategic goalkeeper who can intercept opponents’ shots on goal in a targeted manner. This requires a prediction of the opponent’s behavior so that the goalkeeper can pre-position himself efficiently. The implementation is also to be tested extensively and used in competitions.

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