European Robotics Week 2022

📅 17th of November 2022

📍 Lichthof of Leibniz University Hannover

What it was all about: “The future of skills in a robotized world: Life-long learning in a multi-generation environment”

Learning” is also a focus topic in our work, as we are always acquiring new knowledge as a team and working out new contexts independently. On the one hand, we learn to apply our theoretical knowledge from the lectures in practice, but on the other hand, we also simply learn a lot from each other. Each member brings a certain skill set with them and can pass these skills on to the others.

These principles are also lived out at robospace, the Roberta RegioZentrum and in the roboterfabrik, which played a leading role in staging the event.

Thanks for the invitation!

Nele Meinke

Nele Meinke

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