Dates for new robot friends!

Are you interested in joining us? Then come along to one of our team meetings! You can also come directly to one of the department meetings if you already know what interests you. We will also be offering workshops in the near future to make it easier for you to get started.

Feel free to drop by!



Thursdays 6 pm
Working time: Mondays from 3 pm


Thursdays 7 pm
Working time:
Thursdays from 2 pm


Mondays 6 pm
Working time:
Tuesdays from 5 pm


Mondays 6 pm
Working time: Tuesdays from 5 pm

Team Meeting

Wednesday 6:30 pm

Hardware Workshops

Construktion/3D-Printing: Upon Request
Elektronics/PCB-Design/Soldering: Upon Request

Software Workshops

C++: Monday the 20.11. from 5 pm
Monday the 27.11. from 5 pm
ROS: Saturday the 09.12. from 11 am
Sunday the 10.12. from 11 am