luhbots Soccer

Autonomous soccer on another level

What is luhbots Soccer all about?

Since 2019 we have been building a fully autonomous robot team consisting of 6 identical robots. These robots are designed and programmed to play soccer against other teams. Connected via a server these robots should communicate with each other and coordinate complex actions like passing or goal scoring, as well as defending the own goal. To manipulate the ball the robots are equipped with a dribbling and a kicking device. Our goal is to participate in the Robocup Soccer Small Size League in 2022. 

The Competition

Autonomous Soccer

The Robocup Soccer Small Size League is about fully autonomous robots which play soccer in a 6 vs. 6 match with a golf ball. The rules are quite similar so real soccer, only some rules are modified to suit this setting.

Camera tracked

All robots are tracked with multiply cameras from the top of the field. Both teams get access to all robots position and orientation including the balls position. Nevertheless the data from the global position system has to be filtered.

Cloud Robotics

The teams can use an external server/workstation computer to compute all action that should be executed. This provides a better connection between all robots since the decisions are all made on one device.

Our goal is not to build a team as fast as possible but to learn the most on our way to a reliable intelligent robot team.

What are tasks the team is facing?

Besides programming the robot firmware, the software running on the compute server is programmed as well. Therefore the complete hardware, electronics and pcbs are also designed, built and improved by the team. 

Our team is devided into three main working groups...


The Hardware group is working on all construction related topics like design und fabrication of the robots. The robots are mainly manufactured with our own cnc machine at the university or 3D printed with one of the severale 3D printers.


The Electronics group is focusing on developing, designing and testing printed circuit boards of our robots. Besides simple voltage regulators, the boards consist mainly of power electronics and regulation for the four BLDC motors and some advanced circuits including safety security measures for the kicking device of the robot.


The Software group is developing the software that runs on our robots as well as the software on our compute server. As the name implies, most of the computation is done on the server while the robots mainly execute commands given by the programs on the server. Besides programming, the software team has to design a complex structure of nodes involving serval state graphs and knowledge books.

Interested in joining the team?